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Got a dirty hood? We’ve got the solution for you!

premier hood cleaning in Rochester

Rochester Hood Cleaning Professionals is the number one provider of exceptional hood and exhaust vent cleaning for kitchens and restaurants in Western New York. We offer our exceptional services of exhaust hood cleaning and maintenance, grease removal, and more to the kitchens of Monroe County. Servicing restaurants from Hamlin to Mendon and Webster to Rush. We recognize the importance of your restaurant and understand that it isn’t just a place to get food but also a family. Whether your restaurant is small and family-owned or on the larger side with multiple locations, we are a trusted company that values quality service to all, instead of breaking the piggy bank for an unfinished job. We want to help build your business and that starts with pristine kitchen hygiene, which we will provide.

You need grease removal? Grease trap cleaning? Hood plenums or grease interceptors serviced? Look no further because you’ve found the best in Rochester. The last thing you’d want is a grease fire due to neglected hoods and traps. We work daily to ensure restaurants are within the guidelines of FDA-sanitation and NFPA-96 codes so that you can do what you value most, exchanging food for someone’s large smile, making guests for life.

For years our squad has been a go-to call for top restaurants in Rochester and for restaurants just getting on their feet. Our team is comprised of qualified licensed technicians who have been in the industry for years. Our countless jobs in the past can ensure our prestige and caution. When the job is finished your kitchen will be spotless and looking better than new, more than often appearing as if it deserves a Michelin Star.

We aim to help every kitchen perform at the highest level it can. To do that we have monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance plans available that will remove the hassle of wondering when your restaurant needs to be cleaned. You opened your restaurant to provide amazing food, not to worry if your grease filter was properly cleaned. Let us take care of the meticulous cleaning tasks so you can bring smiles to the community. 

We’re different than all of our competitors because we recognize the best way to treat someone is like they’re a person, we treat everyone like family. We bring satisfaction and happiness after every job and can guarantee you won’t be frustrated or left wondering why you didn’t go with the competition. Every day we work with more and more clients who’ve never experienced the attention to detail we offer to grease ducts and exhaust hoods. Many of our competitors don’t offer the same customer service or quality of service which can put your restaurant at risk for closing due to failed sanitation codes.

Our goal is to make Rochester flourish with many different culinary possibilities, Jamaican, French, Japanese, Nigerian, or Dominican. If you can name it, someone is probably craving it. To accomplish this goal of ours, the process starts with a clean kitchen and clean exhaust system to secure continuous operation.

Hood cleaning is the removal of grease accumulation due to a high volume of cooking performed in a commercial kitchen.

It is a process determined by the number of hoods/fans, kitchen size, time since the last cleaning, and more. However, typically the process lasts between 3-4 hours. If you schedule with us now, we can decrease the possibility of inconvenience

There’s no easy answer because every kitchen and job is different. It is dependent on what you desire. Suppose it may be exhaust ducts or maybe the grease drain line. However, the average price across the US for hood cleaning is $400 or $100/hr.

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